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When a store already sells products at a great, low price, do you wonder if it is possible to find bargains online? In the e-cig industry, markups are pretty high. What you perceive as a low price is actually only closer to reasonable. Go ahead and search because most of the time there are more deals than you can ever imagine.

Vista Vapors, a Good Example

When you talk about affordable e-juice, Vista Vapors is bound to come up in conversation. Their United States web-based vape store is best known for economical e juice but also carries some hardware. E-liquid comes in 17-ml bottles priced $4.99 plus larger bottles as well. As you can see, that makes the highest price for regular e liquid a little under 30 cents per milliliter. Compare that with a 30-ml bottle from Vaporfi for $15.99: slightly more than 50 cents per milliliter. Although we consider the Vaporfi price to be excellent, Vista Vapors is even better.

Then the prices drop lower. A 128-ml bottle costs $23.99; about $0.19 per ml. One can choose a gourmet blend by Vista Vapors, “mix your own e juice,” or another brand and pay more, but this is the starting point. As starting points go, this is one of the most affordable in the e-juice business.

Value Is Paramount

The truth is, many stores make a point of highlighting economical pricing, but not all of them. Some are more concerned with special features of their e-juice. If it is made from organic ingredients or Naturally Extracted Tobacco, you can expect the website to hone in on these descriptions and veer away from pricing because costs will be higher than usual. That’s fine, understandable, but Vista Vapors has a different purpose. Their business is run on the assumption that certain customers are always going to prefer cost-effective vaping over extra-special ingredients and gimmicks. As far as thousands of American vapers are concerned, this is completely true.

Saving More Money

Next, comes the unexpected joy of taking still more money off of a purchase by finding coupons for Vista Vapors products. Codes are listed on e cig websites, electronic cigarette coupon sites, and e-juice pages, plus Vista Vapors’ Facebook page and blogs about e liquid where Vista Vapors features.

Current Deals

Right now, the best deal is 21% off of the cost of e juice when you are placing the first order. Other deals include free shipping with no minimum purchase and 15% off at the till. Sometimes the coupon is specific that one must order e-juice. Sometimes, what you buy doesn’t matter.

What to Do with Coupon Codes

When you find a Vista Vapors coupon, click on it to go to Vista Vapors after you write it down because clicking will take you to their website. Search their pages for e liquid which is available in dozens of flavors, even more, if you order a personal mix for $5.99 with each 17-ml bottle. Once your order is finished, go to the checkout and type in the code. There is a space at the checkout where you are invited to do this.

The first panel asks for any discount or coupon code. Add the details. Vista Vapors has to add Minnesota Sales Tax as well. Before you finish the order, if your order is below the $50 required for free shipping, the header bar shows how much more you must spend to meet that number.

Vista Vapors Is Not Alone

You think you have discovered the mother-lode of savings, but there are other firms which are just as generous with their offers and discounts. Visit a coupon site and write down what you find. Right now, there are several offers similar to those above. Like Vista Vapors, Mount Baker Vapor slashes prices on some flavors, especially flavors in certain nicotine percentages and PG/VG blends which are nearing their best-before date. Don’t worry — they won’t go “off” in a few weeks, but a few months from now they will be considered past their BBD.

Other Savings at Vista Vapors

While Minnesota’s Vista Vapors is dedicated to the production and sale of low-priced e liquid, they also carry a small assortment of electronics and tanks. These can be organized in order of price from lowest to highest if customers put this factor ahead of all else, but there isn’t that much information to organize. Viewers should be able to filter information at a glance. The few sales are indicated by a new price next to one that’s been slashed through.

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