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The first rule of saving money on e cigs is to start with a vendor you trust. If you are already getting great service at competitive prices from a store, don’t switch. Stick with what you know and trust. It is only when service is so-so and prices seem a little high that you should contemplate a change. Now is the time to research lower prices and better vendors. Stores that stand out are usually featured online.

Just as Good Online

Perhaps you associate better customer service with face-to-face sales, but the truth is that even brick-and-mortar stores are not always winners in this department. Consumers still find shops where clerks don’t care, where new vapers are treated with contempt, or where they are made to feel as though employees are doing them a favor by helping them choose products. A few online shops might give you this impression too, but the best ones rise to the top every time.

Besides, in this virtual world it’s easy to deal with customer service in real time using live chat, not to mention regular phone service. Not everything online has to be a high-tech experience. As companies become more sophisticated, they even enable their clients to shop or chat using mobile devices in total safety.

Taking Care with Online Shopping

Internet commerce is bound to be cheaper with such relatively low overheads. Instead of paying for employees to stand around during the slow times and for elegant décor, you pay for your gear and maybe for shipping, but not always. Plus, there are more ways to save, but there is one thing to check when selecting an online store: security. Ensure your identity is not going to be compromised. Only give credit card details where hosting is secured, such as MadVapes which is “Security Metrics Certified.”

Going for Gold

While exploring internet deals at MadVapes, I found there are a few external bargains; codes that are not automatically obvious on their website. One of them is POTOFGOLD, probably expiring around St. Patricks’ Day, which leads shoppers to a 17% discount when they apply the code at MadVapes’ checkout. Copy it down or use the code to lead you straight to their website. This listing was available from a website that lists coupon codes, sales, and promotions for numerous businesses including e cig companies but also stores selling all kinds of goods online. Sign up for a subscription to a site like this or subscribe to the e-newsletter published by a firm of your choice. Don’t stick with one; sign up for several until you have a good idea of whose deals and customer service are best, then unsubscribe to most of them.

Point Worth Noting

Codes do not always point to extra savings. These listings are frequently road markers which point to ongoing sales at a website or to the usual discounts. For instance, “Free Shipping” looks really good, but it might always be free. You could be in line to receive a free gift with the purchase of any mod “up to 70% off” is what you always see in the clearance section of an e-commerce store. Save your excitement until you read the small print or check the facts.

Regular Everyday Savings

Meanwhile, after searching the internet for a reliable vendor, you have already probably found one that strives to give customers the best prices and brings in stock that is generally affordable. MadVapes is a good example. Their mechanical mods are made by EHPro, one of the best manufacturers of clones. These are copies of otherwise expensive mechanical mods, but don’t worry — they are still quality items, just not limited-edition collectibles. MadVapes also carries affordable names like Innokin, SMOK, and Joyetech. These brands are affordable because they are mass manufactured. Vapers around the world trust such names and others to provide value at a reasonable price. Customers use their products confidently.

Savings Continue

Furthermore, MadVapes is one of the few stores which empowers handy individuals to rebuild devices by supplying extra parts. Most people would see the end of a battery-indicator light as time to buy a new product, but at MadVapes you can find the gear to replace these small parts instead.

Make purchases, add up points, then use them to save money at the checkout. Use MadVapes’ own brand of e-liquid and it will cost less than brand-name vapor juice. One can even explore DIY e-liquid making supplies at MadVapes. They carry flavors, nicotine, bottles, and syringes which enable you to blend and bottle your own, homemade e liquid for less.

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