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Internet hosting can cost a small fortune, especially to a start-up. Web hosting is also an important investment in business success, especially if you combine a few qualities. One is excellent hosting service with industry-standard uptime ratings. Another is scalable pricing with various package options. Before you know it, the web is your oyster. Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies because of their low starting prices, flexible schemes, and numerous options from shared to dedicated hosting plus many stops along the way. Add coupons and your year of hosting could be cheaper than you expect.

Hosting Services

First, let’s see what you could be getting for your money. Bluehost is a WordPress specialist. Their teams of experts, the ones who work behind the scenes on the technical things you prefer to forget about it, contribute to WordPress code. They help to make Open Source websites easy and fun to use whether you create a blog or build a professional website. Many of the world’s largest organizations, both for and not-for-profit, use WordPress. Some of the features they find when building or developing a web page were created or enhanced by people at Bluehost in Utah.

WordPress hosting starts at $19.99 with three other packages available for $10 more each time. Start with 100 million visits and climb to limitless visits. Storage begins at 30 GB and goes up to 240 GB with the fourth and largest package. SSL (a Sitelock certificate) is included with every plan, but the last two provide extensions to basic security known as Positive SSL and Positive Wildcard SSL. Positive SSL, for relatively low traffic, comes with a $10,000 warranty. Wildcard Positive SSL features the same warranty, but the latter is designed for fairly low-traffic commerce sites.

For Online Sales

WooCommerce is for WordPress sites where visitors are going to buy things using a credit card or PayPal. Bluehost makes it easy to set up and install; a mere matter of minutes is all you need, except for the website. You might spend an hour whipping something up or half a day agonizing over getting all the features just right. WooCommerce comes with dedicated support 24/7, integrated SSL for paying securely, and a dedicated IP adds additional safety. Rather than post various costs for assorted plans, Bluehost encourages potential clients to get in touch and talk about what they might need.

Sites with More Traffic

Then, of course, there is the Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Domain for high-traffic or highly sensitive websites. VPS starts at $19.99 while Dedicated hosting begins with a $79.99 monthly cost. There are four VPS categories and three for Dedicated services. Explore them all; you might be surprised to find that getting the hosting elements you need is already inexpensive.

Cheap Hosting?

The prices quoted above have been slashed for the New Year. They are not the usual costs for monthly hosting but introductory prices designed to tantalize business owners and blog writers. With these low prices, there is very little to lose by trying Bluehost for four weeks, especially knowing how reliable the company is. There are top-ten charts in web hosting; Bluehost is in the top ten for 2016, chosen from among dozens of possibilities.

Bluehost Coupons

But there are ways to save even more money besides taking advantage of a great deal for the first month. Check out some coupon codes which you can find on the website itself and also discover when you search elsewhere. A number of coupon code webpages list savings for Bluehost. A number of them lead directly to savings on the Bluehost site, but a few offer extra savings. Copy down the details and take them to the checkout.

Where Are These Coupons?

Web hosting coupons are listed on their own websites which deal with saving money in this industry. There are also savings available through general discount and promotional pages where you might find a number of products and categories; a huge variety. Some pages provide more than discounts; they also share reviews or summaries of companies so you can easily compare Bluehost with other service providers. Few businesses in this field supply the same, vast range of options, so there are few competitors that really measure up.

Further Discounts

Stay with Bluehost, and you will make the most of certain extras. As you browse their plans, notice that the amount you save on bonus features is most apparent during a full year of service. Stick with this firm for a solid year, and you will also come to know their good qualities far better.

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