What Is A Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a self-directed Individual Retirement Account that gives you the ability to invest in gold and other precious metals as an alternative to purchasing typical retirement account assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. A gold IRA provides the same tax benefits as traditional IRAs while giving you a way to diversify your portfolio with metals that are not typically available through most standard brokerage IRAs.

Gold IRAs require special custodian accounts that most brokers don’t offer. But there are a few specialist companies who can help you open a gold IRA and also provide you with access to gold and other precious metal investments that qualify as qualified retirement plan assets under IRS rules. For example, some of these companies will provide you with access to Gold Trading Accounts so that you can buy physical gold bullion ( or bars) from them directly using your IRA funds.

And if you have a 401k, you can move a 401k to gold if you choose to do so.

Who Can Open A Gold IRA?

In order to open a gold IRA, you must first have a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, or a 401(k) plan that allows you to make non-traditional assets like precious metals part of your retirement plan assets. You can open a gold IRA regardless of age, but you must be under 70 1/2 to make tax-deductible contributions to an IRA. If you want to make non-deductible contributions to a gold IRA, there is no age limit on when you can open an account. You can also open a gold IRA if you work for a company that offers a self-directed 401(k) plan and allows you to make investments in precious metals through your account.

How Does A Gold IRA Work?

The basic concept behind a gold IRA is that you make regular contributions to your IRA account throughout your working years. Your money builds up inside the account tax-deferred until you retire and start taking distributions (RMDs) in retirement.

However, a few differences exist when you invest in gold or other precious metals with a gold IRA. You will likely have to pay taxes on your initial contributions. While most traditional IRAs allow you to deduct contributions from your current taxable income, gold IRAs will likely require you to pay taxes on your initial contribution immediately.

This is because the IRS only allows individuals to claim a tax deduction when they contribute to a standard IRA account. Where gold IRAs are concerned, there is no current tax deduction because the account is not a standard IRA.

You must pay taxes on any gains when you take distributions. Any money you make from selling the gold you’ve invested in your gold IRA account must be included in your taxable income when you start taking distributions in retirement. But the good news is that the government treats precious metals as collectibles and are taxed at a lower rate than stocks or bonds.

Tax Advantages Of A Gold IRA


  • Large initial contribution – Since there is no initial tax deduction for making contributions to a gold IRA account, you are able to contribute more money to your gold IRA than you would to a standard IRA. The maximum annual contribution to an IRA account is $6,000 for people under 50 and $7,000 for those 50 or over.
  • Higher annual contribution limits – Because gold IRAs are not part of a standard IRA, you are allowed to contribute a higher annual amount per account. The annual contribution limit for a gold IRA is $5,000, which is $1,000 higher than the standard IRA annual contribution limit.
  • Early access to retirement funds – Most retirement plans require you to start taking distributions once you reach a certain age, typically 70 1/2. However, no rules say you must wait until retirement age to access any money you’ve invested in a gold IRA account.

Pros And Cons Of A Gold IRA


  • Tax-deferred investment – The best aspect of investing in a gold IRA account is that all the money you put into the account will grow tax-deferred until the time comes when you start making withdrawals in retirement. Where standard IRAs are concerned, you will be taxed on your contributions as soon as they are made, and you will pay taxes on any gains made when you sell the assets inside the account.
  • Higher potential return – A gold IRA has a higher potential return than investing in traditional retirement account assets like stocks and bonds. This is because gold and other precious metals are less susceptible to market volatility than stocks and bonds.


The idea behind a gold IRA is to diversify your retirement assets by investing in precious metals. While a gold IRA does not provide a current tax deduction, the investment will grow tax-deferred until the time comes when you start making withdrawals in retirement. In addition, gold IRAs offer larger contribution limits than standard IRAs, and there are no rules that say you must wait until retirement age to access the money in your account.

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Why You Should Hire

Legal matters concerning your family such as divorce, child custody and/or guardianship, child support, spousal support, etc., can be difficult to handle on your own. A trustworthy family attorney can be of invaluable assistance in helping you make difficult legal decisions that affect your family’s future. Whether you need legal advice or legal representation, it’s to your advantage to hire one of the best Delaware family lawyers you can find. Here are some of the benefits of working with a family lawyer to settle legal matters involving your family.

Legal Knowledge and Expertise

Family lawyers specializing in family law, giving them greater insight into making decisions that will benefit your case. The best Delaware lawyers are those with ample experience in their field. By working with an experienced attorney, you benefit from years of legal knowledge and expertise.

If you’re unfamiliar with legal procedures concerning divorce, child support, child custody, etc., you could make costly mistakes that will work against you when filing your case. A family lawyer will ensure your case is filed properly and will represent your interests every step of the way. A local attorney will be familiar with the court system and personnel in the area, which can be helpful in managing your case.

In cases where the stakes are high, it’s even more important to have the best family lawyers on your side. An attorney’s experience and expertise can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a complex case where children, extensive property or high financial interests are at stake. For complex matters concerning your family, it’s best to have a team of legal experts representing your interests.


Legal affairs concerning family matters can be emotional for both sides. The stress and pressure of your case could cause you to misinterpret facts and make rash decisions you regret. At times like these, it’s good to have a third party’s impartial viewpoint to help you stay on track. An experienced attorney will maintain an open perspective concerning your case, taking into consideration all the facts. Your attorney’s unbiased perception can help you make important decisions with a better understanding of the consequences.

Family attorneys are trained to view matters from all sides and evaluate the facts when counseling their clients about their case. As an objective third party, your lawyer can help you resolve contentious issues that arise or come to mutual decisions that will avoid them altogether.

Emotional Support

Divorce cases can be extremely stressful for a couple, especially when they involve custody of children. Many couples lack the emotional support they need during this trying time. The best lawyers are those who reach out to their clients with an understanding heart. Experienced family lawyers know that providing emotional support as part of their portfolio.

When hiring a family attorney, couples should look for an individual they feel comfortable with and can establish a rapport. It’s much easier working with someone you can relate to and communicate with on a deeper level. Divorce cases often require that you share personal information about your marriage with your attorney. You’ll have greater confidence working closely with someone you can trust.

Professional Counseling

The best Delaware family lawyers recognize the importance of professional counseling in helping couples resolve legal affairs. Family disputes can cause couples to lose perspective on what really matters in their case. Anger and hurt feelings can easily cloud people’s judgment, causing them to make rash decisions they’ll regret later on. Through counseling, attorneys can help couples see past their confusion, anger or pain so that they don’t make irrational decisions that will negatively impact their case.

Family lawyers bring an impartial third party perspective to legal disputes so couples can evaluate their situation objectively. Your lawyer’s role as an objective counselor could provide you with alternative solutions to issues you can’t resolve on your own. By listening to your attorney’s counsel and advice, you could very well save hours or days of stressful litigation or avoid a nasty lawsuit to resolve your case.

Professional legal representation provides you with an alternative to resolving family legal matters on your own. If you need legal assistance with family issues such as divorce, child custody or spousal support, your best recourse is to hire the best Delaware lawyers you can find to get the results you want.

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What You Should Know

Do you live in Los Angeles? If so, then there are a few things you should know about criminal law, which includes what misdemeanors and felonies are, as well as the different types. You should also know what you should do if you are charged with a crime. The rest of this article will discuss those things in more detail.

Misdemeanors And Felonies
When a person is arrested and charged with a crime in Los Angeles, then they will either be facing a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor is considered a minor wrongdoing and it is less serious than a felony. A felony is more serious and it usually carries severer punishments than a misdemeanor, which may include imprisonment.

Types Of Misdemeanors
A crime is labeled a misdemeanor based on various factors, such as where you live and what crime you committed. For example, one city may consider a certain crime a misdemeanor, while another city will consider the same crime to be more serious than a misdemeanor or they may class it as a misdemeanor, but just a more serious one. There are different classes or grades of misdemeanors.

With that said, some misdemeanors may include simple assault, petty theft or prostitution. Other crimes may include disorderly conduct, reckless driving, trespassing and possessing cannabis to name a few.

As previously mentioned, there are various types of misdemeanors and some are classed as being more serious than others.

Types Of Felonies
Felonies, like a misdemeanor, can be graded or classed in different areas of the country. For example, there are Class A and Class B felonies in some areas. More serious felonies usually result in severer punishment.

Generally speaking, aggravated assault and battery or assault and battery with intent to do bodily harm are usually considered felonies. Arson, robbery, burglary and fraud are other crimes typically classed as felonies. Other crimes include grand theft, espionage, and embezzlement. Illegal drug abuse and selling illegal drugs can result in being charged with a felony.

Keep in mind those are only a few of the many examples of crimes that can charge as a felony.

Criminal Trial Process
Generally speaking, four things happen when after you’re arrested and charged in LA. First, you will usually entitled to bail and then you will be arraigned. If you’re charged with a felony, then you’ll be indicted and you’ll appear at a probable cause hearing. Once arraigned, you’ll usually be entitled to receive reports related to your case, which is known as the discovery process. Eventually, your case will go to trial, and you can choose a single judge trial or a jury trial.

What To Do If You’re Charged With A Crime In LA
After you’re charged with a crime, you’ll want to hire a criminal defense attorney. An LA criminal defense lawyer has experience defending people charged with a crime in LA, and these crimes can either be felonies or misdemeanors. Some attorneys deal with only misdemeanors and minor offenses, while some attorneys handle all kinds of cases. There are also attorneys that focus only on serious cases, such as murder, violent assault and battery and so forth. Regardless of what you’re charged with, the first thing you should do is contact a criminal defense lawyer in LA.

Finding And Choosing A Good LA Criminal Defense Lawyer
Find an LA criminal defense lawyer that defends clients against the type of crime and charge you are facing. It makes no sense to hire an attorney that specializes in something completely different. Experience is important, so hire an attorney that has been representing clients for many years or has handled many cases within the last few years. There’s a difference between an LA criminal defense lawyer who has worked no cases in 10 years and an attorney that has handled dozens of cases in the past year. The key is to hire an experienced attorney you feel comfortable with.

Criminal law is complex and if you’re ever charged with a crime, then hire an attorney. Sure, you’ll receive a court-appointed attorney, but it is far better to hire your own lawyer. This is especially the case if you are being charged with a serious offense that can result in severe punishment.

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Get It For Less

Internet hosting can cost a small fortune, especially to a start-up. Web hosting is also an important investment in business success, especially if you combine a few qualities. One is excellent hosting service with industry-standard uptime ratings. Another is scalable pricing with various package options. Before you know it, the web is your oyster. Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies because of their low starting prices, flexible schemes, and numerous options from shared to dedicated hosting plus many stops along the way. Add coupons and your year of hosting could be cheaper than you expect.

Hosting Services

First, let’s see what you could be getting for your money. Bluehost is a WordPress specialist. Their teams of experts, the ones who work behind the scenes on the technical things you prefer to forget about it, contribute to WordPress code. They help to make Open Source websites easy and fun to use whether you create a blog or build a professional website. Many of the world’s largest organizations, both for and not-for-profit, use WordPress. Some of the features they find when building or developing a web page were created or enhanced by people at Bluehost in Utah.

WordPress hosting starts at $19.99 with three other packages available for $10 more each time. Start with 100 million visits and climb to limitless visits. Storage begins at 30 GB and goes up to 240 GB with the fourth and largest package. SSL (a Sitelock certificate) is included with every plan, but the last two provide extensions to basic security known as Positive SSL and Positive Wildcard SSL. Positive SSL, for relatively low traffic, comes with a $10,000 warranty. Wildcard Positive SSL features the same warranty, but the latter is designed for fairly low-traffic commerce sites.

For Online Sales

WooCommerce is for WordPress sites where visitors are going to buy things using a credit card or PayPal. Bluehost makes it easy to set up and install; a mere matter of minutes is all you need, except for the website. You might spend an hour whipping something up or half a day agonizing over getting all the features just right. WooCommerce comes with dedicated support 24/7, integrated SSL for paying securely, and a dedicated IP adds additional safety. Rather than post various costs for assorted plans, Bluehost encourages potential clients to get in touch and talk about what they might need.

Sites with More Traffic

Then, of course, there is the Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Domain for high-traffic or highly sensitive websites. VPS starts at $19.99 while Dedicated hosting begins with a $79.99 monthly cost. There are four VPS categories and three for Dedicated services. Explore them all; you might be surprised to find that getting the hosting elements you need is already inexpensive.

Cheap Hosting?

The prices quoted above have been slashed for the New Year. They are not the usual costs for monthly hosting but introductory prices designed to tantalize business owners and blog writers. With these low prices, there is very little to lose by trying Bluehost for four weeks, especially knowing how reliable the company is. There are top-ten charts in web hosting; Bluehost is in the top ten for 2016, chosen from among dozens of possibilities.

Bluehost Coupons

But there are ways to save even more money besides taking advantage of a great deal for the first month. Check out some coupon codes which you can find on the website itself and also discover when you search elsewhere. A number of coupon code webpages list savings for Bluehost. A number of them lead directly to savings on the Bluehost site, but a few offer extra savings. Copy down the details and take them to the checkout.

Where Are These Coupons?

Web hosting coupons are listed on their own websites which deal with saving money in this industry. There are also savings available through general discount and promotional pages where you might find a number of products and categories; a huge variety. Some pages provide more than discounts; they also share reviews or summaries of companies so you can easily compare Bluehost with other service providers. Few businesses in this field supply the same, vast range of options, so there are few competitors that really measure up.

Further Discounts

Stay with Bluehost, and you will make the most of certain extras. As you browse their plans, notice that the amount you save on bonus features is most apparent during a full year of service. Stick with this firm for a solid year, and you will also come to know their good qualities far better.

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The Codes

When a store already sells products at a great, low price, do you wonder if it is possible to find bargains online? In the e-cig industry, markups are pretty high. What you perceive as a low price is actually only closer to reasonable. Go ahead and search because most of the time there are more deals than you can ever imagine.

Vista Vapors, a Good Example

When you talk about affordable e-juice, Vista Vapors is bound to come up in conversation. Their United States web-based vape store is best known for economical e juice but also carries some hardware. E-liquid comes in 17-ml bottles priced $4.99 plus larger bottles as well. As you can see, that makes the highest price for regular e liquid a little under 30 cents per milliliter. Compare that with a 30-ml bottle from Vaporfi for $15.99: slightly more than 50 cents per milliliter. Although we consider the Vaporfi price to be excellent, Vista Vapors is even better.

Then the prices drop lower. A 128-ml bottle costs $23.99; about $0.19 per ml. One can choose a gourmet blend by Vista Vapors, “mix your own e juice,” or another brand and pay more, but this is the starting point. As starting points go, this is one of the most affordable in the e-juice business.

Value Is Paramount

The truth is, many stores make a point of highlighting economical pricing, but not all of them. Some are more concerned with special features of their e-juice. If it is made from organic ingredients or Naturally Extracted Tobacco, you can expect the website to hone in on these descriptions and veer away from pricing because costs will be higher than usual. That’s fine, understandable, but Vista Vapors has a different purpose. Their business is run on the assumption that certain customers are always going to prefer cost-effective vaping over extra-special ingredients and gimmicks. As far as thousands of American vapers are concerned, this is completely true.

Saving More Money

Next, comes the unexpected joy of taking still more money off of a purchase by finding coupons for Vista Vapors products. Codes are listed on e cig websites, electronic cigarette coupon sites, and e-juice pages, plus Vista Vapors’ Facebook page and blogs about e liquid where Vista Vapors features.

Current Deals

Right now, the best deal is 21% off of the cost of e juice when you are placing the first order. Other deals include free shipping with no minimum purchase and 15% off at the till. Sometimes the coupon is specific that one must order e-juice. Sometimes, what you buy doesn’t matter.

What to Do with Coupon Codes

When you find a Vista Vapors coupon, click on it to go to Vista Vapors after you write it down because clicking will take you to their website. Search their pages for e liquid which is available in dozens of flavors, even more, if you order a personal mix for $5.99 with each 17-ml bottle. Once your order is finished, go to the checkout and type in the code. There is a space at the checkout where you are invited to do this.

The first panel asks for any discount or coupon code. Add the details. Vista Vapors has to add Minnesota Sales Tax as well. Before you finish the order, if your order is below the $50 required for free shipping, the header bar shows how much more you must spend to meet that number.

Vista Vapors Is Not Alone

You think you have discovered the mother-lode of savings, but there are other firms which are just as generous with their offers and discounts. Visit a coupon site and write down what you find. Right now, there are several offers similar to those above. Like Vista Vapors, Mount Baker Vapor slashes prices on some flavors, especially flavors in certain nicotine percentages and PG/VG blends which are nearing their best-before date. Don’t worry — they won’t go “off” in a few weeks, but a few months from now they will be considered past their BBD.

Other Savings at Vista Vapors

While Minnesota’s Vista Vapors is dedicated to the production and sale of low-priced e liquid, they also carry a small assortment of electronics and tanks. These can be organized in order of price from lowest to highest if customers put this factor ahead of all else, but there isn’t that much information to organize. Viewers should be able to filter information at a glance. The few sales are indicated by a new price next to one that’s been slashed through.

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Special Options

The first rule of saving money on e cigs is to start with a vendor you trust. If you are already getting great service at competitive prices from a store, don’t switch. Stick with what you know and trust. It is only when service is so-so and prices seem a little high that you should contemplate a change. Now is the time to research lower prices and better vendors. Stores that stand out are usually featured online.

Just as Good Online

Perhaps you associate better customer service with face-to-face sales, but the truth is that even brick-and-mortar stores are not always winners in this department. Consumers still find shops where clerks don’t care, where new vapers are treated with contempt, or where they are made to feel as though employees are doing them a favor by helping them choose products. A few online shops might give you this impression too, but the best ones rise to the top every time.

Besides, in this virtual world it’s easy to deal with customer service in real time using live chat, not to mention regular phone service. Not everything online has to be a high-tech experience. As companies become more sophisticated, they even enable their clients to shop or chat using mobile devices in total safety.

Taking Care with Online Shopping

Internet commerce is bound to be cheaper with such relatively low overheads. Instead of paying for employees to stand around during the slow times and for elegant décor, you pay for your gear and maybe for shipping, but not always. Plus, there are more ways to save, but there is one thing to check when selecting an online store: security. Ensure your identity is not going to be compromised. Only give credit card details where hosting is secured, such as MadVapes which is “Security Metrics Certified.”

Going for Gold

While exploring internet deals at MadVapes, I found there are a few external bargains; codes that are not automatically obvious on their website. One of them is POTOFGOLD, probably expiring around St. Patricks’ Day, which leads shoppers to a 17% discount when they apply the code at MadVapes’ checkout. Copy it down or use the code to lead you straight to their website. This listing was available from a website that lists coupon codes, sales, and promotions for numerous businesses including e cig companies but also stores selling all kinds of goods online. Sign up for a subscription to a site like this or subscribe to the e-newsletter published by a firm of your choice. Don’t stick with one; sign up for several until you have a good idea of whose deals and customer service are best, then unsubscribe to most of them.

Point Worth Noting

Codes do not always point to extra savings. These listings are frequently road markers which point to ongoing sales at a website or to the usual discounts. For instance, “Free Shipping” looks really good, but it might always be free. You could be in line to receive a free gift with the purchase of any mod “up to 70% off” is what you always see in the clearance section of an e-commerce store. Save your excitement until you read the small print or check the facts.

Regular Everyday Savings

Meanwhile, after searching the internet for a reliable vendor, you have already probably found one that strives to give customers the best prices and brings in stock that is generally affordable. MadVapes is a good example. Their mechanical mods are made by EHPro, one of the best manufacturers of clones. These are copies of otherwise expensive mechanical mods, but don’t worry — they are still quality items, just not limited-edition collectibles. MadVapes also carries affordable names like Innokin, SMOK, and Joyetech. These brands are affordable because they are mass manufactured. Vapers around the world trust such names and others to provide value at a reasonable price. Customers use their products confidently.

Savings Continue

Furthermore, MadVapes is one of the few stores which empowers handy individuals to rebuild devices by supplying extra parts. Most people would see the end of a battery-indicator light as time to buy a new product, but at MadVapes you can find the gear to replace these small parts instead.

Make purchases, add up points, then use them to save money at the checkout. Use MadVapes’ own brand of e-liquid and it will cost less than brand-name vapor juice. One can even explore DIY e-liquid making supplies at MadVapes. They carry flavors, nicotine, bottles, and syringes which enable you to blend and bottle your own, homemade e liquid for less.

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